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How to Choose a Closing Attorney?

Q: How to Choose a Closing Attorney?

If you are in the market to buy or sell a home, or refinance your existing mortgage, you may be wondering how to choose a closing attorney...and have the best, most outrageous closing experience possible. Here are a few tips.

  • Take Your Choice of Closing Attorney Seriously. Choosing the best closing experience is just as important as selecting the right mortgage lender or real estate agent. Never leave your decision up to someone else.

  • Stay Involved in the Process. I have been handling real estate transactions since 1997 and a huge observation I have made is that the most satisfied clients remain active participants during the entire closing and escrow period. I would estimate that about 95% of a real estate attorney’s work is done outside of the closing ceremony. Having a continuing dialog with the closing firm ensures that expectations will be met and that there will be no hidden surprises at the closing table.

  • Choose a Decision Maker for the Firm. It is not only important to work with a decision maker for the closing firm, but also important to make sure the same professional will handle your actual closing. Set your expectations up front with your closing attorney. Do you want to risk a closing situation and where you are put “on hold” until someone more senior is available to handle the matter?

  • Work with a Seasoned Professional. It takes years of practice to hone the necessary skills to effectively deal with the myriad of issues that arise throughout the escrow period. Real estate transactions are complicated, highly orchestrated events. Your best selection is an attorney who has handled thousands of closings.

  • Avoid Paid Referrals. If a real estate professional refers a particular firm, ask whether there is any affiliated business arrangement or marketing alliance between the two companies. If there is, ask for a second referral. A majority of consumers believe there is a conflict of interest when a real estate professional directly or indirectly accepts compensation for a referral. Since most professionals would probably not even consider their referral partner if it were not for the kickback, neither should you.

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