Georgia Realtors Forms List

Georgia Association of Realtors forms list.

List of GAR Forms

For those looking for a compiled list of the Georgia Association of Realtors forms, here they are. Please note that the forms are available for use by subscription only.

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GAR Forms (Georgia Association of Realtors)

F1 Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement
F2 Non-Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement
F3 Authorization to Show Unlisted Property
F4 Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement
F5 Non-Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement
F6 Customer Acknowledgement
F7 Exclusive Leasing Listing Agreement
F8 Exclusive Leasing/Management Agreement
F9 Exclusive Tenant Brokerage Agreement
F10 Non-Exclusive Tenant Brokerage Agreement
F11 Agency Exhibit (Owners/Landlords and Tenants)
F12 Agency Exhibit (Buyers and Sellers)
F20 Purchase and Sale Agreement
F21 Special Stipulations Continued
F22 Counteroffer
F23 New Construction Purchase and Sale Agreement
F24 New Construction Exhibit
F25 Pre-Construction Specifications Exhibit
F26 Walk Through List
F27 Lot/Land Purchase and Sale Agreement
F28 Special Stipulations (Lot/Land) Exhibit
F29 Lease/Purchase Agreement
F30 Lease for Lease/Purchase Agreement Exhibit
F31 Option Agreement
F32 Instructions to Closing Attorney/Commission Confirmation Agreement
F33 Condominium Resale Purchase and Sale Agreement
F34 Land Purchase and Sale Agreement for Unimproved Land
F40 Lease for Residential Property (Not to Be Used for Lease/Purchase Transactions)
F43 Move In/Move Out Inspection Form
F49 Owners’ Property Disclosure Statement (Lease)
F50 Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement Exhibit
F51 Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (New Construction) Exhibit
F52 Seller’s Condominium Disclosure Statement Exhibit
F53 Lot/Land Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement Exhibit
F54 Lead-Based Paint Exhibit F55 Lead-Based Paint Pamphlet
F56 A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home
F57 Broker’s Information Disclosure F58 42 U.S.C. § 4852(d) Disclosure Information Concerning Lead Upon Transfer of Residential Property FINANCING
F60 Request for Loan Information
F61 Loan Assumption Exhibit
F62 Loan Assumption (Cash to Control the Purchase Price) Exhibit
F63 FHA Loan Exhibit
F65 VA Loan Exhibit
F66 Institutional Second Mortgage Contingency Exhibit
F67 Seller Financing (First Mortgage) Exhibit
F68 Seller Financing (Second Mortgage) Exhibit
F69 Seller Financing (Third Mortgage) Exhibit
F70 Seller Financing (Wrap Around Mortgage) Exhibit
F71 Subordination Agreement
F72 Estimate of Net to Seller
F73 Estimate of Cost to Buyer
F80 Earnest Money Held by Seller Exhibit
F81 Additional Earnest Money Held by Seller Exhibit
F82 Earnest Money Transfer to Seller Amendment
F83 Termination and Release Agreement
F84 Security Deposit Held by Broker Exhibit
F90 Sale or Lease of Buyer’s Property Contingency Exhibit
F91 Back-Up Agreement Contingency Exhibit
F92 General Contingency Exhibit
F100 Amendment to Remove Inspection Contingency
F101 Amendment to Remove Inspection Contingency Continued
F102 Amendment to Remove Contingency
F103 Amendment to Remove Contingency of Sale or Lease of Buyer’s Property
F104 Amendment to Change Closing/Possession Date
F105 Amendment to Agreement
F106 Amendment to Brokerage Engagement
F107 Amendment to Address Concerns With Property
F120 Additional Page
F121 Arbitration/Mediation Agreement
F122 Assignment of Purchase and Sale Agreement Rights
F123 Association/Assessment Fee Exhibit
F124 Binding Agreement Date Notification
F125 Broker’s Authorization to Hire Vendor
F126 Buyer’s Authorization to Make Repairs and/or Improvements Prior to Closing Amendment
F127 Condominium Legal Description Exhibit
F128 Exhibit to Agreement
F129 Inspection Exhibit
F130 New Construction Agreement (Cost Plus)
F131 New Construction Agreement (Stipulated Sum)
F132 Notice of Decision to Terminate Agreement
F133 Notice to Unilaterally Extend Closing Date up to Seven Days
F134 Notice to Unilaterally Extend Inspection Period
F135 Notification F136 Personal Property Agreement (Bill of Sale)
F137 Pet Exhibit
F138 Survey Resolution Exhibit
F139 Temporary Occupancy Agreement for Buyer Prior to Closing Exhibit
F140 Temporary Occupancy Agreement for Seller After Closing Exhibit
F141 Vendor List
CF1 Commercial Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement
CF2 Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement
CF3 Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement Exhibit “A” (Legal Description)
CF4 Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement Exhibit “B” (Due Diligence Materials)
CF4-BUS Commercial Purchase and Sale of Business Along with Real Property
CF4-ORI Commercial Purchase and Sale of a Residential, Office, Retail or Industrial Building
CF4-PP Commercial Purchase and Sale of Equipment and/or Other Personal Property
CF5 Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement Exhibit “C” (Additions to Seller’s Closing Documents)
CF6 Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreement Exhibit “D” (Seller’s Warranties and Representations)
CF7 Commercial Open Listing Agreement (For Leases)
CF8 Commercial Exclusive Leasing/Management Agreement
CF9 Commercial Lease Agreement (Single-Tenant Facilities)
CF10 Commercial Lease Agreement (Multi-Tenant Facilities)
CF11 Commercial Lease Agreement Amendment #_________
CF12 Commercial Sublease Agreement
CF13 Commercial Sublease Consent Agreement
CF14 Commercial Lease Guaranty
CF15 Commercial Lease Termination and Release Agreement
CF16 Commercial Lease Commission Assumption Agreement
CF17 Commercial Lien Waiver
CF18 Commercial Letter of Intent (For Purchase of Property)
CF19 Commercial Letter of Intent (For Lease of Premises)
CO1 Independent Contractor Agreement
CO2 Agreement Between Broker and Affiliated Licensee for Use of Licensed Assistant
CO3 Agreement Between Broker and Affiliated Licensee for Use of Unlicensed Assistant
CO4 Agreement Between Affiliated Licensee and Licensed Assistant
CO5 Agreement Between Affiliated Licensee and Unlicensed Assistant
CO6 Agreement Between Broker and Licensed Assistant
CO7 Agreement Between Broker and Unlicensed Assistant
CO8 Agreement Between Georgia Broker and Out-of-State Broker (For Listing of Georgia Property)
CO9 Agreement Between Georgia Broker and Out-of-State Broker (For the Purchase or Lease of Georgia Property)
CO10 Referral Agreement (Broker to Broker)
CO11 Referral Authorization
SS7 Removal of Fixtures Without Compensation/With Repairs
SS17 Buyer Shall List Property With A Broker
SS19 Contingent Upon Appraisal, Buyer Has Right To Terminate
SS20 Contingent Upon Appraisal, Seller May Reduce Sales Price
SS21 Escrow Account Transferred (Cash to Control the Purchase Price)
SS22 Loan Approval Letter
SS23 Interest Rate Fluctuations Prior to Closing
SS24 Closing Costs and Selection of Attorney in All Cash Closing
SS25 Mortgage Lender Choice
SS26 Seller Selection of Buyer’s Attorney
SS28 Selection of Closing Attorney
SS29 Purchase Price Determined By Appraisal
SS31 Survey Reveals Less Or More Acreage
SS41 Additional Earnest Money (Held by Broker/Holder)
SS45 Earnest Money Held Until Specific Time
SS51 Rent Proration
SS55 Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement Not Attached
SS57 Access to Public Road
SS63 Amenity Package Release
SS65 Assessments or Liens
SS67 Bankruptcy Pending
SS69 Contingent Upon Court Permission to Sell
SS71 Flood Plain Warranty
SS73 Setback/Encroachments Warranty
SS75 Zoning Contingencies
SS77 Multifamily Zoning Contingencies
SS87 Improvements Not Covered by Wood Infestation Report
SS88 Appliances and Systems in Good Working Order
SS100 Amendments to Address Concerns as Notice to Terminate
SS102 Buyer May Terminate if Survey Reveals Less Acreage
SS103 Buyer’s Right to Terminate with Right to Inspect
SS104 Larger Payment for Right to Terminate
SS109 Limitation on Cost of Repairs Paid by Seller
SS111 Property Sold “As Is” with Named Defects
SS113 Repairs by Seller Subsequent to Loan Approval
SS115 Seller to Provide a Structural Engineer’s Written Opinion
SS117 Seller’s Obligation to Repair or Replace Named Defects After Closing
SS137 Agent Acting as Principal
SS139 Agent is Relative of Principal
SS141 Agent’s Intent to Resell Property
SS153 Broker or Agent Authorized to Receive Notice
SS160 Business Days Defined
SS161 1031 Exchange (Buyer Utilizing Section 1031)
SS163 1031 Exchange (Seller Utilizing Section 1031)
SS165 Buyer’s Protection Plan (Home Warranty)
SS166 Acceptance of Covenants Contingency
SS169 Buyer’s Right to Verify School District(s)
SS171 Commission
SS172 Repair of Defects Not Found Due to Seasonal Issues
SS173 Completion of Items on Walk Through List by Specified Date
SS174 Unfulfilled Conditions Discovered at Closing
SS175 Contingent Upon Lease of Property
SS179 Contingent Upon Swap of Real Property
SS181 Divorce
SS185 Dwelling to be Constructed in Location Shown on Survey
SS211 Payment of Non-Refundable Construction Deposit (Contingent on Financing)
SS212 Payment of Non-Refundable Construction Deposit (not Contingent on Financing)
SS221 Supersede Previous Contract
SS225 Manufactured and Mobile Home
T1 Purchase and Sale Agreement Contract Time Limits Worksheet
T2 The ABCs of Agency
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